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Dome Good! [Jan. 29th, 2010|10:12 pm]


Well, Little Jumbo has the crappest service ever. They just have a large "For Lease" sign and thats it.

So we went to Dome instead, at 147 George Street. http://www.domecoffees.com.au/find-a-cafe-qld-george-street.html

Wow! Decent chips at an old fashinoned price. AND wedges. No blaring music. In fact, it was ridiculously quiet and uncrowded. Comfy Chairs. No cocktails but an amazing array of cold drinks based on coffee or fruit. Maybe they'll add alcohol to them for us.

I believe thebellman doesn't think much of their coffee, but polrua was highly impressed by their tea. And I was impressed by their 22 dollar deal for three bowls of nibblies. We chose meatballs, prawns and chicken breasts, and they were all really good. I'm afraid I didn't check out what vegetarians can eat besides chips.

We've got the comfy chairs booked from 5pm Friday next week.