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Not-Quite-AromaMeet [Jan. 4th, 2010|06:33 pm]


So. Given that the Good Dr Jon may not be able to arrive at an early time on Friday, who has thoughts regarding a First NQAromaMeet for the last year of the first decade of the 21st century? Bubbles was... difficult.

I guess that criteria would be:
1) coffee that does not make me want to stab myself in the leg with a teaspoon
2) chips
3) cheap
4) cheap as chips
5) comfortable
6) not deafeningly loud
7) not have wait staff who hover around aggressively cleaning tables at us.

[User Picture]From: amberitus
2010-01-07 03:41 am (UTC)

Secret Garden?

I can't remember what this place is called, or whether it's open at night, but there's the place under the stairs in the Wintergarden. But not the stairs of O'Malley's, it is the other stairs. And maybe I just hanker for what it used to look like before they "did it up". But I seem to think it used to have a better entrance, made it more enclosed, with a rock wall and a waterfall. Then they got taken away.
What about the Pancake Manor?
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[User Picture]From: greenglowgrrl
2010-01-10 01:28 pm (UTC)

Re: Secret Garden?

The opening hours of Hidden Secrets seems a closely guarded secret. I can't make a link function on the Wintergarden website. Chances are it will close too as the Wintergarden closes down.

Dunno about the Pancake Manor. Don't mind it once in a while but can't say I'm greatly keen.
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